How to Choose a Personal Life Coach

1. Find your Niche or Specialisation

I’m not suggesting that you only take on clients in your particular niche, but when you market yourself, you should target a particular niche or specialisation – your ‘hungry crowd’. The market is so crowded with Life Coaches that potential clients have little to go on when finding and choosing a life coach, if you can stand out to a potential client by offering them exactly what they are looking for you will attract more clients to your coaching business.
Imagine if you were looking for a coach and the issue you motivating you to get help was, for example, ‘working with difficult people’. If you found a coach advert of web site that Date With Destiny Florida:

Gave examples of that problem that you could relate to and identify with;
Talked about how you can be helped and overcome your difficulty, and;
Gave examples and client testimonials specifically about this problem.
Would you be much more likely to approach this coach about your problem than other, more general coaches? If you answered yes, can you see how you could get more clients buy offering a specialty service that appeals to a particular niche?
It may be that your niche is obvious to you, but if it is not, how do you decide what your coaching niche is to be? It would be a good idea if your niche is an area you can be good at! Here are some questions you can ask yourself;
What particular problems or issues have I had to overcome in my own life?
What areas of my life do I handle particularly well?
What do people seek me out for?
Is there something that my friends and family rely on me to do? Am I the ‘money man’ who sorts out the finances best, or the person always called on to deal with teenage boys issues, or anything else?
What is it about me that makes me good at this?
What, specifically, do I do that means I do this well?

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